BARELY USED Yves Guen Original Stimer style Pickup ST48 (Oval Hole)

$324.99 On Sale

At long last, the original Stimer pickup is now available! This pickup is a reissue of the original design by Yves Guen. Yves' son, Christian, is now producing these wonderful pickups which adhere completely to the original design. They yield the same classic sound that Django and so many other great Gypsy players made famous. Christian did update the mounting system which utilizes an noninvasive magnetic clip which allows you to easily remove the pickup if need be.

This pickup is complete, works great, and has barely been used. It is basically new. Get $75 off the price of a new one! It comes with all the original paperwork including installation instructions and French. (It's not difficult and there are tutorials on YouTube.) Or you can get some putty instead.